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Who's Sitting at your Table?
We want to be at the center of your financial life.

What We Do

We sit on your side of the table and use a consistent process to help you make wise decisions.  Click below for an overview.

Why We Are Different

We believe that the process is what matters, and that we must refrain from implementation and product discussions until we have nailed down your plan - the one that you are committed to implementing. 

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Copyright 2016 The Legacy Companies, LLC. Concepts used in these materials used with permission from The Legacy Companies, LLC. Legacy Materials and Concepts are only made available to advisors in the Fee-Based Financial Planning program at Northwestern Mutual Wealth Management Company.

The process is designed to address your entire financial universe - because the value of your plan is in clarifying your goals and then assembling the disparate pieces into a comprehensive, optimized whole.

We deliver the majority of our financial plans for a fee, and act as your fiduciary during the Discovery engagement.  We will only recommend those things that we would do for ourselves.  There is no product discussion, nor any product sales conversation, during Discovery.  We do not have the intent to alter any effective, existing product or relationship.

If our process might benefit you, our contact information is to your left.

Typical Clients

We find that we tend to provide the most value to:

  1. Wealth holders, usually over 45, often married, within 10-15 years of retirement;
  2. Executives or business owners, generally married, with children still in the home or in college;
  3. Entrepreneurs, both in start-up and stabilization mode;
  4. Professionals (mostly medical and legal)  - wealth creators - who want to be financially secure;
  5. College Professors

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